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New Battle Royale, a step forward or sideways? BR1: INFINITE – Short Review.

Who is stronger than humans, apes, or droids? Choose your character and find out!

BR1: INFINITE  is a third-person shooter that uses a risk-based system. Players pay 1$ in SOL to enter the game, and are rewarded for eliminating other players.

Infinite Royale is a battle royale mode with its own features. Players appear on the map with 300 other players and make their way to the center, where they can access more powerful weapons, ammunition, and equipment.

In the future, the project team intends to offer a similar experience on mobile devices called Infinite Infinite Free-For-All

As conceived, this will be a shortened version of Infinite Royale. In this version, players will be able to play for free and earn real money for each kill.

In BR1, players can choose from a variety of unique and customizable playable characters. These NFTs include monkeys, droids, and humans, each with their own abilities and attributes.

To play the beta, go to the BR1: INFINITE website, create an account and apply for testing. In the beta, deposits will be blocked, and everything earned during the testing period will be distributed to test participants.

Players can also buy NFT characters at the BR1: Marketplace or on public marketplaces such as Fractal, Magic Eden and OpenSea. Players can also rent characters on the website. NFT owners get access to the game sooner.

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