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A blockchain-based fighting game with RPG mechanics. Fight Legends – Short Review.

Meet a new representative of a rather rare genre in the field of GameFi.

Fight Legends is a blockchain-based fighting game with PvP and e-sports competitions. The Fight Legends team aims to take inspiration and pay homage to old-school fighting games.

The story mode will be like never before seen in the fighting game genre. To experience it, players will need to own NFT fighters or rent them through free hiring mechanics.

The world of Fight Legends will be divided into districts and sub-districts. Each area will have its own story with many battles and events that will eventually culminate in a boss fight.

Fight Legends is based on an RPG mechanic. Players will level up their fighters by equipping them with items and training them in the gym.

A fighter's levels, stats, and items affect their fighting ability. In addition, equipped characters will receive unique bonuses and buffs in combat.

The arcade mode will include all of the fighting game modes we love so much.

In this mode, fighter levels, stats, and items are disabled. All fighters are balanced, so that everyone has a fair chance to win.

Ranked Battles – This is where the real competitive game begins. Players will move up the ranking table, and at the end of each season will be rewarded for their efforts.

For now, you can purchase a Bloody Faces Mint Pass to take part in early testing of the game.

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