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New vision of the trading card game genre. Warriors of Aradena – Short Review.

Warriors of Aradena combines the mechanics from trading card games like Hearthstone with turn-based gameplay from games like Civilization and XCOM.

Aradena: Battlegrounds is an exciting, competitive strategy game that combines card game elements with turn-based 3D combat. 

There are four key gameplay stages:

  • Each player will have a command warrior, which displays the player's health. Being an integral part of the battle, the command warrior does not fight alone, he needs an army. 

  • Creating a unique army is vital to achieving victory. Players can assemble as many warriors as they wish. However, players can only choose 21 cards in their deck to take on the battlefield.

  • Battles take place on 3D fields consisting of 128 hexagonal tiles with different types of terrain, elevations and elements such as walls, towers, vegetation, rivers and more. Players take turns placing their units across the battlefield and starting a battle. 

  • Players who are NFT warrior skilled can participate in competitive battles with good rewards.

Aradena's Battlegrounds offers two main game modes: 

Constructed Monthly Ranked allows players to compete in ranked matches against other players. This mode is always available. Through Ranked matches, players can improve their strategies and earn silver coins to buy new cards.

Weekend Ranked is the primary mode for earning AG tokens. Users can enter the league on Friday and play 12 games on the weekend, which amounts to about 6 hours total or 2 hours each day. 

To participate in PvP battles and earn rewards in Warriors of Aradena: Battlegrounds, players must own at least one NFT warrior. They can be purchased at Opensea

Players can rent out their warriors for passive income through the hiring system.

While the main game Aradena: Battlegrounds is in development, Aradena's Questing and Skill Upgrading allow early users to begin building and upgrading their army for Battlegrounds. To enter the game, register online and connect your wallet.

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