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Win and help the world recover! Project Eluune – Short Review.

Feel like a strategist, outsmart stronger armies in an AAA auto battler with RPG elements.

Project Eluune is a whole universe, the first game of which is StarGarden, where players will create their own tribe, unite in guilds, discover and create powerful creatures, fight in epic battles, and collectively restore the ruined fantasy world.

StarGarden will be a multiplayer auto battler with RPG mechanics in a fantasy universe.

Players will engage in quest-based battles against creatures in the StarGarden world (PvE). There will also be tribal battles (Tribe vs Tribe). 

TvT is a full-scale 40v40 player battle with multiple creatures per player, leading to battles with hundreds of creatures. Strategy and coordination will be crucial, allowing underdogs to outplay more powerful teams.

One of the players' main goals will be to restore the destroyed world, the source of life of which was depleted by mysterious entities. Players land on floating islands — barren fragments that have broken away from the continent — remnants of the past destroyed by greed and war.

This is only the first step in a larger universe that the developers plan to build together with the community.

Project Eluune is currently under development, and early access applications can be submitted on the website now.

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