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Sleep and earn money? Sleepagotchi – Short Review.

"Sleep is the best meditation" - Dalai Lama. But can you make money from it? Let's find out in this review.

Sleepagotchi is an app that rewards users for achieving sleep-related goals with collectible items and tokens called Sheep.

In Sleepagotchi, users input their target sleep time and wake-up time. They then receive various rewards based on how close their actual sleep time and wake-up time were to their goal.

In Sleepagotchi, each user creates their own virtual bedroom, a MetaRoom with a bed, carpets, posters, etc., which are collectible items. Each item in the MetaRoom can be sold to other users for Sheep tokens. All collectible items have different characteristics and power levels. Rarer items reward users with more tokens.

On iPhone, sleep is tracked through integration with iOS Apple Health, and on Android through Health Connect

More tokens can be earned using wearable sleep-tracking devices such as Apple Watch, WHOOP, Fitbit, Oura ring or any other device.

Let's get back to the question of earning money. You can already download the app on iOS or Android and earn coveted tokens and bedroom items. However, the app is currently in the testing phase and works without blockchain, which means that Sheep tokens are only in-game currency and cannot be converted into real money, and the items are just items, not NFTs.

You can read more about seasons in Sleepagotchi here. Whether or not to participate in testing the app is up to you.

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