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A strategy with good rewards and a low entry point. Mithraeum – Short Review.

The first tournament  started in January with a prize pool of 5000 xDai. The prize pool may be increased.

Mithraeum is a military-economic strategy game on the Gnosis blockchain that focuses on social player interaction.

When first entering the game, each player must create their own Banner from unique parts, paying a small fee.

One player can own any number of settlements. In the future, these can be transferred to other players for management, loan, or donation.

Military action requires the player to have not just a large army, but also the ability to properly find opponents and allies, move around the map, and so on.

The game presents several types of resources, which are necessary for the prosperity of the player's army.

Battles last from 0 to 24 hours. The time depends on the ratio of armies that first join the battle. There is no winning or losing side as a result of combat. Both sides suffer losses.

The target of a siege is an enemy fort. Once it is destroyed, the attacker takes the resources of the besieged fort.

Before starting, the player has to choose one of three siege modes, which vary in efficiency and risk.

In order to understand all the mechanics, we recommend reading the detailed information about the game.

On the plus side, the developers include the absence of a speculative component. There will be no drops in the project, and there are no NFTs that could be resold. There will be no whales in the game, who would be able to drain everything into the glass at a moment's notice; there are large guilds in the project, but they are managed by a large number of people.

The main drawback at the moment is the unstable operation of the blockchain.

In order to start playing, top up your wallet with DAI Stablecoins (about 1.5$ is enough to start with) on the Ethereum network. Transfer your coins through a bridge tto the Gnosis network to sign transactions in the game. Go to the game website, connect the MetaMask to the Gnosis network, and you can start creating the Banner.

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