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Next customer please! Cookin' Burger – Short Review.

Dreaming of trying your hand as a restaurant manager? Welcome to the world-famous burger restaurant!

Cookin' Burger s a multitasking cooking game on the PlayMining platform, where players take orders from customers, prepare ingredients, assemble meals and serve them.

Cookin' Burger is available to everyone for free; just log in to the game website using your email and come up with a nickname.

To participate in ranked events and receive rewards, you'll need to connect your wallet. You can read detailed instructions from the developers on how to do this.

DEP tokens can be earned after purchasing a Shop NFT on the Marketplace. The Shops vary by class. The player chooses a Shop that matches their skill level, ranging from cheap grocery kiosks with simple dishes to large stores that are difficult to manage.

Players can purchase in-game items such as kitchen utensils. They give certain advantages in the game.

Shop NFTs have a Reputation parameter, which affects income. More regular customers will increase sales and reputation, but if you make mistakes in orders or serve food too late, reputation will decline.

The season in the game lasts a month, during which time the player must climb to the top of the ratings to receive the best rewards.

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