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Manage a virtual zoo and earn real money. ZOOZIRA – Short Review.

Get free NFT and USDT for testing the project to further develop your zoo.

ZOOZIRA is a zoo simulator in which everyone can open and manage their own zoo.

There will be three modes in the game:

  • Openzoo, where you can breed animals and put on shows.

  • Suprise Trade, where you can swap the animals with other players.

  • Battle, where you can fight with other players' animals.

A demo version of the game is currently available so that you can start playing:

1. Go to the game's website and connect MetaMask. On the right, click on the icons for 10 animals and 10 workers to get them for free.

2.  Click on Play, then on the animal icon and next to each animal add. Do the same with the workers.

3. As long as the tab is open, the zoo will bring you coins.

For coins you can buy boxes with animals or staff and thus increase profits.

For those who participate in the trial game, the developers will provide 10 NFT boxes (Animal NFT Box and Staff NFT Box).

The coins collected in the game can be exchanged for USDT after the end of the demo test. The prize pool of over 8,000 USDT will be distributed among the participants. Read more here.

The test will last until March 19.

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