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Meet the second game of the Sidus Heroes metaverse. Xenna – Short Review.

Xenna is the game where players will mine important resources and use them in other games of the SIDUS universe. Developers plan to release more than 20 games in the metaverse.

Xenna is a mobile RTS game with Battle Royale elements from the Sidus Heroes metaverse.

In the battle, 10 users participate with an average game duration of 6 minutes. Players control squads of robots to take over towers, while avoiding destructive dust storms. Over time, the playing field starts to shrink, and the structures that are outside of the boundaries are destroyed.

During the battle, at certain points, the player can use selected abilities. Participation in the battle earns ranked points, and rewards in the form of chests with in-game items are given for winning. The last surviving player on the map wins.

The game is quite dynamic due to rapidly activating storms, so it's impossible to spend an eternity creating your army of robots. You will need to act fast.

There are also various rewards in the game for completing daily and weekly quests.

To get started, follow this link. More detailed information on how to start can be found in the guide.

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